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Looking For Wellington Florida Homes Without HOA?

Wellington Florida Homes Without HOA

You might prefer a home with No HOA if you are the type of person who hates being told what to do!  If you are one of those people that do not like to be “managed”,  then living in a community with an HOA may be a very frustrating experience for you. For some folks, the biggest benefit of owning their own home is the ability to make the home their own.  They want to be able to customize and transform their home to suit their own needs.  Often times the HOA rules can really intrude on the ability to do this. If this is you, then you will want to look for Wellington Florida Homes Without HOA!

The HOA is essentially a tiny government that will be managing your neighborhood.  Their aim is to maintain the peace and to maintain a higher quality lifestyle for the residents. Some down sides can be the drama that comes with some HOA’s.  Whenever people are involved in decision making there are many opinions on what is right and what is wrong. Be alert for some power trips and petty politics.  In my opinion the best HOA communities are managed by a professional management company.  These are independant companies whose sole job is to be impartial. enforce the rules and regulations without partiality.  Often times the HOA is managed by building residents who fill in as volunteers.  If you are contemplating living in a Wellington Florida community with an HOA a great idea would be to talk to current owners who are not on the board and live in the community to get a sense of what their HOA is like.

Something else that homeowners find frustrating is that in an HOA community you must pay the monthly fee associated with the up keep and maintenance of community amenities.   Some of these communities offer  a fitness center, a swimming pool, tennis courts, basket ball courts and walking trails etc.  You need to keep in mind that you will have to pay for recreational facilities whether you use them or not.

Some of the rules and regulations of an HOA are: Number, Size and Breed of Pets Allowed as well as the  Types and Number of Vehicles you can park in your driveway ( No RV’s, Boats, Commercial Vehicles). If you want to do anything that differs from these rules, you will have to convince the HOA to grant you a variance, which is probably unlikely.

The Village of Wellington has Code Enforcement and you will be subject to city ordinances and restrictions related to the use of your property.  This is to maintain the Village of Wellington as the beautiful well kept city that it is known for.  However, the Village rules are not as strict as the HOA when it comes to many of the things mentioned above.  The HOA really does add another layer of restrictions on top of what is already in place.  So the bottom line is this….if you want to have a pitbull and drive your commercial work vehicle home at night, you will want to buy  one of the Wellington Florida Homes Without HOA!

Let’s take a look at some of the Wellington Florida Homes Without HOA

Eastwood Wellington Florida Homes have No HOA and are in Non-Gated community.  In this diverse neighborhood, the  building began in 1977 by numerous builders, which has ensured that Eastwood is not a cookie cutter type subdivision.

Greenview Shores Wellington Florida Homes Greenview Shores covers a rather large area in Wellington Florida and is typically characterized by its beautiful lake views and its lack of HOA fees! Greenview Shores is divided into two divisions, Greenview Shores I and Greenview Shores II but today the area is typically referred to as simply Greenview Shores.

Pinewood Manor, Pinewood Grove and Pinewood East – The Pinewood communities  in Wellington Florida are non-gated neighborhoods of spacious single family ranch style homes.  As you drive through the different  Pinewood communities you will be impressed by the mature landscaping, beautiful big fenced yards, large screened patios. Residents have plenty of room for entertaining with built in bar-b-ques and private swimming pools.

South Shore Wellington Florida Homes – South Shore has plenty of options as far as home styles and types. You can choose from single family homes with larger lots and NO HOA as well as townhomes and villas. Please note that some of the townhomes have an HOA but most do not.  This non- gated community is spread out on either side of Forest Hill Boulevard from The 12th Fairway (across from the Veterans Park) all the way up to Guilford Circle and Guilford Way.

Sugar Pond Manor Wellington Florida Homes  Homes in this community are not governed by an HOA but the Wellington officials ensure that these homes maintain regulations set in place to ensure that Sugar Pond Manor remains a beautiful well-kept place to live. A charming community, Sugar Pond Manor was built by numerous builders and each owner was able to put their own unique spin on the homes design.

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